Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RUNNING MAN Member's Biography : Kang Gary

Kang Gary (개리) born 24 February 1978 in Busan, South Korea. He have a real name, Kang Hee Gun (강희건). He  is a South Korean rapper and musician of hip-hop duo, Leessang (리쌍). He is also currently a cast member of the variety show Running Man.
He became a cameo on Wonderful Radio and Dachimawa Lee.


Became Monday Couple
Discography : 

  • 《Leessang Unplugged》, 8th album
  • 《AsuRa BalBalTa》, 7th album
  • 《HEXAGONAL》, 6th album
  • 《Baekahjeolhyun (伯牙絶絃, 백아절현)》, 5th
  • 《Black Sun》, 4th
  • 《Library Of Soul》, 3rd
  • 《Leessang Special》, Jungin
  • 《Jae, Gyebal (재,계발)》, 2nd
  • 《Leessang Of Honey Family》, 1st

On Running Man

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